P.S. It's A Pandemic Cheer Collection

Crafted with functionality in mind, this P.S. It's A Pandemic Cheer Collection features five reusable face mask designs and optional matching scrunchies that can take you from a business meeting to a casual outing in style and more importantly while keeping you safe. Each reusable face mask comes with one free filter. Lightweight, durable and three-ply.

We drew inspiration for our designs paying homage to Moroccan elements where our signature product, P.S. Knudsen's Prickly Pear Seed Oil hails from. Needless to say, these are unexpected times and it looks like we are going to have to wear protective face-masks for a while. Which is all the more reason to pick the ones that you like and spread cheer to your day!

Step out in safety and style with five sophisticated unisex designs.

Product information:

Reusable Face Masks:

Three layers (as recommended by the WHO) with filter sleeve. 
* A complementary filter is included with all mask purchase.

Includes: Adjustable nose wire and ear loops
Hand wash after each use, hand dry.
Size: H: 16 cm x W: 25 cm (excluding ear loops)

Reusable Face Mask, Scrunchie & Pouch Material:

We choose lightweight cotton to make it easier to breathe, talk and live life as normal as possible. 

Desert Tan, Desert Rose (Cotton Linen)
Midnight Black (Cotton Blend)
Riad White, Riad Grey (Japanese Cotton)


Preventing vast environmental impact

More importantly, when it comes to masks, an effective and sustainable first  approach is choosing reusable masks rather than disposable ones.

Emerging reports show single-use masks and gloves are washing up on shorelines and littering seabeds worldwide amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. Studies show that the wearing of reusable masks could avoid 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste being generated in a year.

Offering sustainable mask options is at the heart of our intent with the P.S. It's A Pandemic Cheer Collection. To bring some joy to your life during worrying times.